The power button is handy, however, when you want to turn on the camera to upload pictures to the computer using the supplied USB cable, and do not want to expose the lens. Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again! The best cameras for shooting kids and family must have fast autofocus, good low-light image quality and great video. Camera performance is very good in all areas. Sunlit and low light tests High resolution with good overall detail, but very high contrast and limited shadow detail.

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Sony Cyber Shot DSC-T9 review: Sony Cyber Shot DSC-T9 – CNET

While noticeably soft not to mention distorted from the camera’s barrel and pincushion distortionthe amount of softening here is less than we see in many subcompact camera models. At high ISO levels, noise becomes quite prominent, depending somewhat on the lighting. Located sony dsc-t9 the top right corner of the back panel, this rocker switch controls the optical and digital zoom in any record mode. The down arrow activates the Self-Timer option, while the right arrow controls the Macro mode.

Sony dsc-t9 balance indoors under incandescent lighting was a bit warm and orange in Auto white balance mode, though the Incandescent setting did a bit better, and was probably sony dsc-t9 an acceptable range.

Jul 19, I chose the silver finish, sony dsc-t9 is a plain matte silver finish that does not appear to show fingerprints easily. The effects can often be seen in shots of human hair, where the individual strands are lost and an almost “watercolor” look appears.


As is usually the case, sony dsc-t9 cannot use the zoom lens during filming. In actual use, I found the flash worked fairly well, as long as you were in close proximity to your subject.

Zooming out from the normal-sized single image view sony dsc-t9 up an index display of tiny “thumbnail” images. The T9 is one of only a small handful of sony dsc-t9 with image stabilizers the others being from Panasonic and Konica Minolta somy, and it sure comes in handy when you’re taking shots in not-so-great lighting.

The competition is tough in the ultra-thin category though, so check the competition carefully before you sony dsc-t9

Huawei launches photography contest with an AI judge. Noise is relatively under control, with only a little starting to appear at ISO Though it sports an all-metal body, the T9 is still light, at sony dsc-t9 5. The AF-assist lamp is used by the camera as a focusing aid in low light situations. While some manufacturers put a big LCD on a camera with lousy resolution, Sony dsc-t9 did not.

In Playback mode, this button controls the digital enlargement of captured images and accesses the sony dsc-t9 display mode as well as sony dsc-t9 detailed information display.

When you move indoors under incandescent lighting though, the noise increases pretty dramatically, making the images only usable at sizes of 5×7 inches and below. The camera zooms quickly, and I had no problems using the zoom in everyday use. You can change your settings at any time. Jul 23, After you flip down the T9’s lens cover dcs-t9 wait sony dsc-t9 1.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 Digital Camera Review

Get access to all information, sony dsc-t9 your product up to date and enjoy great deals. Front of camera lens open [ larger ]. You cannot delete a photo right after it’s taken — you sony dsc-t9 enter playback mode.

It won’t come as a csc-t9 to anyone that there are sony dsc-t9 unpleasant, predatory men within the sony dsc-t9 industry. Typical continuous-shooting speed Longer bars indicate better performance. In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for parents, and recommended the best.

In Playback mode, pressing this button enables a slide show playback of all the captured files on sony dsc-t9 internal memory or memory card, complete with music; a fairly impressive spectacle.

Located on the very far right side of the camera’s top panel, this sony dsc-t9 enables Steady Shot mode, which minimizes blurring from slight sohy movement.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9: Digital Photography Review

The shot above is designed to mimic the very harsh, contrasty dscc-t9 of direct noonday sunlight, a very tough challenge for most digital cameras.

There’s also an option to use Sony’s Smart Zoom digital zoom up to 4x, which enlarges images with less distortion than the sony dsc-t9 digital zoom not available at the max resolution setting. Color balance sony dsc-t9 a little pink with the Auto white balance setting.