Load up some funky program 4. This can mean scanning your registry if your operating system fails to tell you exactly which device is having problems. Porting Flatmii flatmii the Gamecube? Some of these codes include: There is just no way any company will come out with a GC disc drive replacement at this point, especially when the Wii plays GC games.

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Or anyone found some descent instructions on how to get the remote loader to work? Archive View Return to standard view.


A quick check back inside showed that I’d just put the cables in upside down. Once it boots up an iso, does the computer still need to be turned on? Turn on computer 2. I don’t have one and could not find one in my local hardware store so I have just ordered it online.

No instruction but they can be easily found flatmii Flatmii. You feel like playing mario kart, so you pull up the flatmii flatmiii, select your ISO and away you go. Flatmii recommend using a professional driver update utility flatmii instantly search for the missing drivers natching your Windows version, downloaded from official sources flatimi.

Covering the right bits with electrical tape is pretty easy, but organising your double-sided tape is a bit of a pain. So i think i must have a loose connection inside the wii, because i keep on getting points where the damn flatmij will cut out and say ‘please insert ‘game’ disc’.


Twilight Princess to flatmki the Twilight Hack, but now you can do it with a new hack called BannerBomb that doesn’t require anything other than an SD card. Wii — Backup Loaders.

Flatmii on Sale in UK

No instruction but they can be easily found on Flatmii. You used to need a retail Zelda: And if not — can the Wiikey be removed without damage and a FlatMii — or any mod — installed instead?

Playing backups from disc involves installing a custom IOS and then a disc loader. Bum around to find where on your hard drive you left the iso I seriously would not wait that long jus to load up something.


Mii Modes when the Wii is already on, so getting it into Flat. I think it may fltmii give me more control over what games to be played by my children, so all the MA rated games will be hidden away in another folder where the suitable ones can be accessed by them.

I have the same problem. There are USB loaders that incorporate region free functionality though.

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It just comes up with a black screen. Ben, if you look very closely at the ports on the flatmii and follow the instructions on the installation video then you should be able to figure out which side is up.

To get clatmii running after it’s installed However, you should be able to sidestep the whole issue by using p progressive scan over component cables or a D-terminal cable since you’re in Japan. Flatmii arrived in the mail yesterday. It doesn’t require a PC to be turned on, and its free as well.

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Is it possible to have a WiiKey and a FlatMii installed on the same console? Saturday, September 29, Should I be changing some setting on the Flatmii program?

And there’s no flatmii software for mac is there? And OMC blocked from work I did a little research, and there does seem to be some cables that are rated as 2. Charge an extra few bucks.